Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 2 of Antique Christmas Music

Today was a tough day at work so I am going to be brief here today. I want to get some more of my revitalized Christmas music available to you all (I haven't lived in the South long enough to write "y'all" yet). So here we go.

Kiddie's Patrol (Christmas Eve) - Brunswick Concert Band.
Brunswick Concert Band - Kiddie's Patrol (Christmas Eve) 1920.mp3

Kiddie's Dance (Christmas Morning) - Brunswick Concert Band recorded in 1920. This type of Christmas music seemed to be popular, adding sound effects to the performance. Really kinda cute.
Brunswick Concert Band - Kiddie's Dance (Christmas Morning) 1920.mp3

Down on the Farm - Ada Jones and Len Spencer recorded in 1906. They had hard times back then, too.
Ada Jones and Len Spencer - Down on the Farm 1906.mp3

Oh You Silv'ry Bells by Ada Jones and Billy Murray. Recorded in 1913
Ada Jones & Billy Murray - Oh You Silv'ry Bells 1913.mp3

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This blog is going directly into my Favorites...hehehe. Wow I never knew they made Christmas songs way back then! I still can't get over this. I'm telling my mother about it later on today :-)

Thank you very, very much for taking out your time to upload, clean and post these links! Now....I'm going to sit back and take a listen. Thanks again. Have a nice day.