Saturday, May 3, 2008

Old Christmas 78's Purchased

I just bought three 78's on ebay of Christmas music. I hope that Economic Stimulus check is in the mail soon so I can get a turn-table with a recording setup. I don't have either a turn table or the connection equipment to my computer but I have been window-shopping. So I know what I want to get. Then I will be able to listen to the new old records I have now. I am trying to find records of songs I can't find on the web or for purchase. Then I can offer them to my Antique Christmas Music friends so that you can hear them too. Looking forward to this new development in my hobby.

For today I am putting a few more links to my revitalized Christmas mp3's. Hope you enjoy them.

Byron Harlan - Why Don't Santa Claus Go Next Door original recording in 1909. Another poverty heart-strings song, but I like it.

Byron Harlan - Why Don't Santa Claus Go Next Door 1909.mp3

I posted a similar duo by Brunswick Concert Band in my last post. This one is by the Columbia Orchestra - The Kiddie's Christmas Frolic_ Evening.

Columbia Orchestra - The Kiddie's Christmas Frolic_Evening.mp3

Here is the second of the duo from Columbia Orchestra - The Kiddie's Christmas Frolic_Morning

Columbia Orchestra - The Kiddie's Christmas Frolic_Morning.mp3

Here is a reading of a poem. I think it says a lot about the Christmas spirit.

Edward Sterling Wright - A Christmas Basket 1913.mp3

Of course bells have always been popular in Christmas music, but I think they were particularly well-suited for the cylinder recording method. Making a cylinder recording was always "live" and the proximity of the musical instrument to the recording horn determined the sound volume. Bells were able to come through loud and clear on this type of recording.

Edison Concert Band - Bells of Christmas 1913.mp3

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