Sunday, July 13, 2008

Christmas 2007 Shared Songs

As I have mentioned before in this page, I have been collecting and sharing vintage Christmas songs for several years now. During Christmas 2007 I got many of the songs from the cylinder sites on the internet, that I have written about in my previous blogs. The songs I am putting here today are mostly songs that I got from other bloggers' sites. Look to the side panel of the page to see a bunch of links to these sites. Some of these guys and gals put so many songs out on the internet that they must live in music heaven all the time! Still, if the songs were in their original versions when I downloaded them, I have removed pops and hiss, etc. The ones I have for you today are from my "Christmas So Long Ago - K" CD.

Here are links to the songs. Hope you enjoy them.

Christmas So Long Ago - K