Monday, March 2, 2009

Christmas Music on a Snowy Day

Lots of snow today. Here in the South, we don't spend all of our money on snow tires and road crews to be able to drive in snow and ice. Since we get weather like this so seldom, we just stay off the roads. It makes a lot of monetary sense, but it also makes Snow Days every once in a while. So while I have a Snow Day and am off work today, this is a perfect time to catch up on this blog.

As this is a blog about Christmas music, I don't get it updated as often as I might otherwise. I spend about 10 months of the year collecting songs, putting them through software to take lots of the pops and other noise out, and searching out dates for them. But since I have started this blog a few months ago, I intend to update it occasionally during the year, then a big bunch of songs, if not already posted, in the month or two before Christmas. So today is one of those occasional times.

Now, I know that old Christmas music is not everyone's "cup of tea", but I put these songs here not only because I enjoy them myself, but also because I don't want all of this great music to be lost to the world. And I have found that many people share my feelings about this music. I get lots of responses to this blog, which tickles me "pink". I also have gotten a response from one of the musicians whose music showed up on my "Christmas At 78 RPMs" page of this blog. I got a very excited call stating that I have her songs on my website and could we talk. So I had a lovely conversation with one of the Romine Sisters. Shane, the youngest of the Romine Sisters who sang "Christmas Is Just Around the Corner" and "Christmas Time Is Here", said that she and her two older sisters, Angela and Carla, recorded these songs when Shane was just 5. Shane sang the melody while her sisters sang the other 2 parts.

Shane told me that they sang together until her oldest sister, Angela, left the family home to attend college. During that time, even though Shane was too young to participate, the two older sisters were on Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour program on TV. Ted Mack's Original Amateur Hour was a very popular show that started on radio in 1934. It lasted on radio until 1952 and until 1970 on television, where it ran on all four major networks, ending as a Sunday afternoon CBS staple. The Romine Sisters were also offered a 2-year contract with Walt Disney. Because Mom and Dad Romine felt that the life on the road was not a lifestyle that they wanted for their children, the contract was not accepted. But still, the offer was a great comment on the Romine Sisters' appeal.

Shane says that she and her sisters have recordings from their early career and listen to them when they get together. The recordings were originally recorded on reel-to-reel tape. Later they had them copied to cassette tape. They are now in the process of moving them to digital format. Wonder if we could be seeing a website or blog featuring the Romine Sisters' music in the near future? Wouldn't that be fun!

The sisters have another sister, Nancy, who appeared in the world too late to be included in their trio. The sisters live in different parts of the country now, with Shane living in the South. Shane says she now sings Blues music when she gets a chance. She and her sisters were so thrilled to know that their music was still around and enjoyed 50+ years later. At the time that we spoke, she was very happy to find out that her songs had been downloaded 70+ times. Let's kick that number up, for Shane, Angela, and Carla Romine. Here is a link to their songs again:

Romine Sisters - Christmas Is Just Around the Corner.mp3
Romine Sisters - Christmas Time Is Here.mp3

Next time, I promise, I will put some more of my songs on the blog. I have lots more that I have not posted, so check back later for more great Antique Christmas Music.

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