Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas Memories in Song

It has been a little while since I added any new Christmas songs to this blog, but I have not been idle. I have been acquiring, editing and compiling Christmas songs all year and am now ready to start sharing them. This year I have several songs that I have not seen elsewhere on the internet. Those songs come from some 78 rpm records that I have picked up over the year. I also will be sharing some music from LPs that have come my way and, although they are not as old as 78's, LP are vintage so they will be interesting additions to the blog.

Let's start by looking at some of the songs' interesting facts. The oldest song I am including was recorded in 1901 on cylinder by George P Watson and is entitled "Sleep, Baby, Sleep". While not really a Christmas song, it is an interesting lullaby and since we are celebrating the birth of a baby at Christmas, I think it fits. Also I will be adding it as a video to You Tube sometime before Christmas. So look for it there to see the vintage pictures I have attached to it.

Ambrose Haley and His Ozark Ramblers sing "Old-Timey Christmas" from 1948 and it is one of my favorites for this year. Has a great beat and it is one that I also will be putting on You Tube with vintage pictures, which are taken from old greeting cards and other pictures available on the net.

Augie Rios sings "Ol' Fatso" from 1958. I think it is cute. I always enjoy kids voices. Hope you do too.

The Billy Mayo Quintet sings "I Want a Dog (for Christmas)" 1948. I believe this is new to the internet and it comes from a 78 rpm record that I own. I really like it and will be putting this on You Tube also, with doggie pics of course.

Not your typical "Jingle Bells", this next song was recorded by Carson Robinson and the Pleasant Valley Boys in 1946. Do you like square dancing? You may want to jump up and try it out with this one.

Bob Hope and Marilyn Maxwell sing "Silver Bells". I particulary like this rendition. If you loved Bob Hope like I did, you will enjoy this humorous version of a Christmas standard. Recorded in 1951.

This next one is not well-known now-adays. It is an old Christmas hymn. This is done by Charles R Cronhan in 1946 on the organ and chimes. It's title "Come Ye Lofty, Come Ye Lowly" reminds me of O Come All Ye Faithful. Look for this one on You Tube also and it will have the lyrics included so you can sing along if you want.

Known as an Irish Tenor, Dennis Day sings "May Santa Fill Our Hearts with Christmas". It is a lovely song that you will want to download for sure.

"The Christmas Story" by Doris Day comes from my own record collection. It was recorded in 1950 and is very lovely.

Now, children, I know some of you are old grumps and do not believe in Santa Claus. But after listening to Ernest Hare, who "Proves There is a Santa Claus" in 1925, you will believe! I hope his cold is better by now, but he sounds pretty "bunged up" on this recording.

"Snowflakes" was recorded by Fontanna and His Orchestra and Chorus in 1958. It really is quite seasonal and if you want a "white Christmas", this may be just for you. Also Frances Langford's "Once Upon a Wintertime" will get you in the mood even if your Christmas is green (Or maybe more like brown, like it usually is here.)

Last year I included several records done by Frank Luther and Zora Layman, recorded in 1929. Those were from their second collection, Volume II. Now I have included the songs from Volume I. There are several short renditions with very short breaks between so that they can fit on a 78 rpm record. Each side was labeled Part so you can see that there are 5 records to the set. The set is called "Christmas in Song". I enjoy them for the unusual songs that they include. Hope you will enjoy them too.

"The Very First Christmas Trees" by Fred Astaire is a bonus song included here but not on my personal CDs that will be given out this year. It was recorded in 1981, so is a little too new for this blog, but it fits nicely and it is nice to hear from Fred Astaire.

Gene Cherry does "Mr. Snowman Polka" next. He was named Gene Wisniewski but changed his name to Cherry. He did lots of polka records.

Vernon Dalhart was a very popular country singer and songwriter early in the century. The four entertaining songs included here seem to be mostly written for children and were recorded in 1924 and 1928.

Here are the links for the downloads. Go Get 'Em!

Ambrose Haley & His Ozark Ramblers - Old Timey Christmas 1948 FINAL.mp3

Augie Rios - Ol' Fatso FINAL 1958.mp3

Billy Mayo Quintet - I Want a Dog (For Christmas) 1948 FINAL.mp3
11/26/2009 Updated: Billy Mayo Quintet - I Want a Dog for Christmas song was not as good as I wanted, so I redid it and uploaded a corrected copy. The link above will now give you a better copy than was available previous to today.
Bob Hope & Marilyn Maxwell Silverbells 1951 FINAL.mp3

Carson Robinson & Pleasant Valley Boys - Jingle Bells 1946 FINAL.mp3

Charles R Cronhan - Come Ye Lofty, Come Ye Lowly 1946 FINAL.mp3

Dennis Day - May Santa Fill Our Hearts 1959 FINAL.mp3

Doris Day - Christmas Story 1950 FINAL.mp3

Ernest Hare - Santa Claus Proves There IS a Santa 1925 FINAL.mp3

Fontanna_His Orchestra and Chorus - Snow Flakes 1958 FINAL.mp3

Frances Langford - Once Upon a Wintertime 1948 FINALWAV.mp3

Frank Luther Christmas v1 pt 1 FINAL.mp3

Frank Luther Christmas v1 pt 2 FINAL.mp3

Frank Luther Christmas v1 pt 3 FINAL.mp3

Frank Luther Christmas v1 pt 4 FINAL.mp3

Frank Luther Christmas v1 pt 5 FINAL.mp3

Frank Luther Christmas v1 pt 6 FINAL.mp3

Frank Luther Christmas v1 pt 7 FINAL.mp3

Frank Luther Christmas v1 pt 8 FINAL.mp3

Frank Luther Christmas v1 pt 9 FINAL.mp3

Frank Luther Christmas v1 pt 10 FINAL.mp3

Fred Astaire - The Very First Christmas Trees 1981 FINAL.mp3

Gene Cherry - Mr Snowman Polka FINAL.mp3

George P Watson - Sleep Baby Sleep - 1901 FINAL.mp3

Vernon Dalhart - Christ Was Once a Little Baby ca 1924 FINAL.mp3

Vernon Dalhart - Christmas (Merry, Merry Chiming Bells) ca 1924 FINAL.mp3

Vernon Dalhart - Hooray for St Nick 1928 FINAL.mp3

Vernon Dalhart - Santa Claus, That's Me! 1928 FINAL.mp3

Holy Trinity Male Quartette - Christmas Eve at Grandma's 1926 FINAL.mp3

Christmas Memories in Song CD Insert.doc

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