Saturday, November 28, 2009

Patti Page Sings Christmas Favorites

I picked up a double album called "The Family Christmas Package" that was listed on the cover as containing "Patti Page Sings Christmas Favorites" as one of the two albums. The same songs are on the album named "Christmas with Patti Page". So seems that either name for this album is correct.

Christmas With Patti Page was originally released in 1955, so it fits right in the time frame that I like for this blog.

This is one of my favorites Christmas LP finds for this year. I really love Patti Page's voice, but I also enjoy the mix of less-known songs with traditional songs. Christmas Choir, Christmas Bells, Pretty Snowflakes, and Where Did My Snowman Go are all included. Even the traditional Christmas songs are lovely. So I decided to put it here for all my internet friends to enjoy. Hope you do!

I also have included Boogie Woogie Santa Claus, one of my favorites by Patti Page. It was not on this LP album, but since it fits so well, it is included here. Enjoy!

Patti Page Sings Christmas Favorites CD Insert.doc

Patti Page Sings Christmas Favorites Side 1 FINAL.mp3
Patti Page Sings Christmas Favorites Side 2 FINAL.mp3
Patti Page - Boogie Woogie Santa Claus 1950 FINAL.mp3

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Stephen said...

Holiday Greetings,

Thank you so much for sharing your music. Patti sings and swings Christmas.


Cynthia said...

Thanks for sharing this many tinsel-covered memories...

Jassnaround said...

Hey Everyone,
I have put together a full CD of Patti Page Christmas songs that will soon be available on my website Hope everyone can visit my site to see the new CDs for 2011.