Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Christmas Festival - University of Redlands Choir 1963

I found this record on Christmas Eve at a local thrift store and, even though it is now after Christmas, I decided to go ahead and share it because it is very good. The choir is full and very well directed by J Williams Jones. The selections are some of the most interesting ones that I have found on my LP purchases lately. There are familiar songs and less-familiar songs, all of a religious nature. So if you are looking for beautiful choral Christmas music, you will want to download both sides 1 and 2. I have also included a CD insert that you can print on regular printer paper, cut out, and fold and put in the front of a CD case.

The list of songs are:

Side 1
Adeste Fideles
A Virgin Unspotted
Christ Came to Bethlehem
Dear Nightingale, Awake!
What Strangers Are These with soloist Wayne Dalton

Side 2
Caroling, Caroling
When the Herds Were Watching
A Time for Singing with soloist Luz Albert
Manger Carol
Jesus, Jesus, Rest Your Head
New Prince, New Pomp
Mary's Lullaby
Star In the East
12/29/10 Update:
I have finally found a copy of the 1958 University of Redlands Choir - Choral Christmas album. It was not in very good condition, but I was glad to get it since it was very difficult to find. It contains the song that many of you have requested - "The Song of Mary". I have added it and 4 other very interesting tracks from the LP to my CD titled "Christ Is Born - Christmas 1940s-1950s" which you can find at my VintageMusicRoom.com webstore.


bloggerooski said...

Great Christmas album, thanks! My mother asked me if I could find the song "Christ came to Bethlehem" for her, and it is one of the songs on this album (can't seem to find it on anything else, i.e. something you could buy a CD for). My mom said they played that at Christmas at our church when me and my siblings were kids and she really like it.

carol.in.gc said...

When I was a child we had an lp recording by the University of Redlands Choir entitled, "Sing Noel." It is my all time favorite Christmas album. Selections include "Magnificat," "Carol of the Bells," "Oh Little Town of Bethlehem" in a lovely, otherwise unfamiliar arrangement. Have you come across this album in your travels? I've looked for one on and off for decades.

Linda said...

Is this still available? Also, I've been looking for an album by the University of Redlands choir that has "The Magnificat" on it.
I heard it many years ago and it's fantastic. It was available for sale all over the country but for some reason was a huge seller here in the Pittsburgh area.
Thanks for any help you can give.

Rcaman said...

I, too, am looking for "The Magnificat" as done by The Redlands Choir. It was aired on local radio station WWSW (3WS) in Pittsburgh, PA for years on Christmas Eve. Do you have any resources that may have this music? Thank you.

Jassnaround said...

Seems that the track Song of Mary was not on this LP and I have been keeping an eye open for it. Besides the LP by University of Redlands Choir, apparently they also put out a single through Epic Records # 5-9650 that included "Song of Mary" and "Mary's Lullaby", the latter of which is on this LP. If I find either the LP or the single, I will make it available.

Jassnaround said...

YEAH!! I have finally found the 1958 University of Redlands Choir - Choral Christmas LP album. It was not in very good shape, but "The Song Of Mary" track was very good. So I have added it to my "Christ Is Born - Christmas 1940s-1950s" CD, along with 4 other tracks from the LP. You can buy it at www.VintageMusicRoom.com.

Rcaman said...

Thank you, so very much, for your diligence and desire to resurrect beautiful Christmas music from years past. I purchased the CD and I can't wait to hear the music. Thank you, again. Happy New Year!

mcherri said...

The 1958 Choral Christmas, which I had owned for 50-plus years, is absolutely the gold standard. Pls continue to look for a better copy to remaster and make (the entire album) available. Footnote: the performance of "Magnificat" is beyond magnificent.