Thursday, December 1, 2011

Vintage Music Room CD reviews

Do you like to have Christmas music playing in the background for the season? I especially like to play choral and instrumental music when I want to do other things but just want a Christmas feeling at the same time. Here are some of the CDs you can find on that would accomplish this mood for you.

Christmas In a Music Box
This CD consists of 41 tracks that are recorded straight from antique music boxes. They had such a charming tinkling sound and seem to me to be perfect for Christmas music. The tracks have been collected from several sources, including some old LPs and also recordings from personally owned music boxes. I really like that there are so many familiar tunes.

Christmas Greats - The Three Suns
The Three Suns were tremendously talented and each of the three members of the group played mulitple instruments. But most unique thing about them is the unusual blend of instruments. Once you hear them, you will know what I mean. They also have a very playful sound in their arrangements. For purely instrumental Christmas music, The Three Suns is my favorite group. I put songs that have this unique blend on this CD. Jump over to and listen to the clips. Bet you will agree that they are great!

Christmas Carols by Mount Holyoke Glee Club 1948
I found this 4 record album that was recorded in 1948 and fell in love with the choral music. Mostly these are NOT the common Christmas carols you hear everywhere. Because of the fact that most of us do not already know these songs, I have included an insert of the lyrics for all of the tracks. Choral directors and churches will really enjoy this CD which includes all 11 tracks from the 78 rpm records.

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